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PrimeCare Medical, Inc. provides both partial (without nursing) and comprehensive medical services to correctional facilities throughout the Northeastern United States.

At PrimeCare Medical, we are committed to offering our clients quality health care programs that are customized to meet their specific needs and fit into existing administrative structures.  We respect each individual institution’s procedures, policies and budget constraints.  If your agency needs help with any of the services listed above, please contact us today and we will help resolve the issue.


The following is a list of just of a few of the services we provide to our clients:

Physician Services

Medical, Dental, and Psychiatric Professionals are highly trained, qualified, and experienced in correctional health care, who are further supported by equally qualified mid-level practitioners. These Professionals oversee all aspects of our correctional health care contracts.

Nursing Services

Utilize licensed, competent local nursing staffs, who receive extensive training in established policies and protocols.  Management provided by on-site Health Services Administrators.

Cost Containment

A Corporate Utilization Review Committee provides for aggressive case management, substantial discounted arrangements with local providers / hospitals, and claims scrubbing and processing.  Cutting edge technological advancements, to include a customized electronic medical record system, create significant competitive advantages.

Risk Management

A Corporate Risk Management Department comprised of in-house legal staff, Continuous Quality Improvement Committees, and Medical Audit Committees, ensures NCCHC and ACA Standard compliance. 

Mental Health Services

Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Mental Health Professionals specialize in acute psychiatric in-patient care, crisis management services, suicide prevention programs, and collaboration with local judicial systems.  Telemedicine services are also available.

Pharmaceutical Services

Exclusively contract with closed, whole sale pharmacies; providing medications at extremely discounted rates.  A managed medication formulary, quarterly pharmacy inspections, and 24/7 accessibility to prescription medications allow for significant cost savings.

Electronic Medical Records

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is offered allows for immediate implementation of policy changes, enhanced continuity of care, improved patient outcomes, and most importantly, prevents inmates/patients from “slipping through the cracks”.

PCM Lite

Have a need that is not listed?  PCM Lite is a unique cutting-edge product line that can customize services based on your organization’s needs.  No product is to large or small for PCM Lite to help create efficiencies and save money for your organization.