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Meet Our Executive Team

Tom Weber is the Chief Executive Officer of PrimeCare Medical, Inc.  After serving as outside General Counsel and twenty-six years as an attorney in private practice, PrimeCare Medical was honored to welcome Tom as its CEO on June 1, 2016.

During his years in private practice, Tom focused on health care-related legal matters.  He has authored numerous articles on health care-related legal issues and served as a frequent lecturer to legal and medical professionals on topics ranging from HIPAA and regulatory compliance to proper recordkeeping and retention.  Tom also served on the Executive Committee of Goldberg Katzman, P.C., gaining invaluable experience in overseeing company operations.

As CEO, Tom utilizes his legal and managerial experiences to ensure PrimeCare Medical is positioned to provide exceptional correctional health care, in the most cost-effective manner, while maintaining the highest standards of ethical and legal compliance.

“Correctional health care requires effective leadership. One who inspires their team and partners to rise above the many challenges this unique environment presents. They enable others to provide high-quality care to incarcerated individuals with integrity and compassion. In this demanding field, leadership isn’t just about management – it’s about inspiring, empowering, and guiding health care professionals to deliver the best care possible under often challenging circumstances.” – Tom Weber, CEO.

Brent is President of PrimeCare Medical, Inc. He has been with the company since 2002 and named President in 2019. Under Brent’s leadership, PrimeCare Medical continues to be at the forefront of technology that enables the provision of high quality and efficient health care. Operational and technological efficiencies spearheaded by him, such as the implementation of electronic health records, utilization of real time reporting and maximization of online tools, set PrimeCare Medical apart in the correctional health care industry.  Brent continues to advance the corporation by increasing the use of telemedicine and implementing new programs that optimize overall patient care.

Having seen the positive impact PrimerCare Medical brings to correctional health care, Brent is responsible for the creation and development of a revolutionary services and solutions driven entity based on the same principles and core values. He realized his vision of effortlessly expanding into diverse markets with PCM Lite’s flexible and scalable model.

Brent believes strong and effective communication is key to success in everything we do, from patient care to the relationships we value the most: employees and facility administration. He continues to direct and grow the corporation with a “hands-on” operational and administrative oversight.

“The changing landscape of correctional health care requires bold solutions. Things have changed significantly since I started in 2002. At that time, telemedicine was rare and electronic health records nonexistent. Today, there is a focus on mental health, substance abuse treatment, and re-entry planning. Policies and procedures are now defined by health care standards. We welcome the next big challenge of addressing health disparities among incarcerated populations and establishing health equity. Innovation thrives on bold solutions, propelling us beyond the constraints of convention and inspiring the transformation of challenges into opportunities.” – Brent Bavington, President.

Todd is the Chief Operating Officer for PrimeCare Medical, Inc. and has been with the company since 1999. Throughout his tenure, he has been an essential part of corporate operations.  Todd’s critical thinking and ability to analyze from multiple perspectives, coupled with a strong clinical background working on the “front lines” in correctional settings, has enabled PrimeCare Medical to be at the forefront of correctional health care.

As the COO, Todd remains steadfast in his commitment to ensuring clinically-sound treatment and care is provided by medical and mental health personnel within every contracted facility.  He strives to build and maintain relationships with jail/juvenile administrative members from all levels, as well as serving as the key liaison and negotiator of collective bargaining agreements/units for the Company.

“Correctional health care is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by forward-thinking initiatives aimed at affecting positive change. With an emphasis on addressing the unique medical needs of incarcerated individuals, this transformation seeks to bridge gaps and eliminate disparities in health care access. By embracing innovative strategies, PrimeCare Medical, Inc. is making a difference in the lives of those within our care. This evolution goes beyond medical treatment – it’s a holistic approach that recognizes the potential for rehabilitation and reintegration. Through a commitment to compassionate and effective health care, the transformation in correctional health care is not only improving outcomes for individuals behind bars, but also contributing to a more just and equitable society as a whole.” – Todd Haskins, COO.

Pam is Chief Medical Officer for PrimeCare Medical and has been with the company since January 2008.  She is credentialed as both an MD and RN, and this multifaceted perspective provides her unique insight into both medical and nursing disciplines. Pam is certified with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a member of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Task Force.

Pam oversees administrative duties to improve the efficacy of our health care delivery model. She assists with policy development and training to ensure PrimeCare Medical remains at the forefront of meeting our patients’ health care needs and overseeing the consistent application of the company’s procedures.  She is a forward thinker.  In 2022, after noticing an increase of suicide in corrections, she put together a Suicide Prevention Task Force to analyze this trend and provide interventions to prevent the unnecessary loss of life. Having coauthored numerous magazine and peer-reviewed journal articles, Pam makes significant contributions to the knowledge base.

“Research is essential for advancing human knowledge, solving complex problems, and driving innovation. In enables us to uncover new insights, develop evidence-based solutions, and make informed decisions on health care that results in increased positive patient outcomes.” – Dr. Pamela Rollings-Mazza, CMO.

Kate is General Counsel for PrimeCare Medical and serves on the company’s executive team. She oversees and coordinates all legal matters including the defense of incarcerated individual/patient lawsuits, HIPAA and privacy regulations, contractual and insurance issues, corporate governance, and ethics compliance. She also reviews, monitors and oversees the handling of all incarcerated individual/patient grievances, as well as all other areas of potential risk. Kate supervises the corporation’s human resources and medical records departments.

Prior to assuming the position of General Counsel, Kate was a litigation attorney where she gained invaluable experience counseling and representing individual and corporate clients, including PrimeCare Medical.

“In correctional health care, the legal framework is not just a foundation, it is the bedrock that ensures ethical treatment of individuals in custody, safeguarding their rights and holding the system accountable for the delivery of humane and constitutionally mandated care.” – Kate Peters, Esq.

Matt is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for PrimeCare Medical and affiliated entities. Prior experience includes eleven years with a nationally certified public accounting firm while working with clients in the insurance, public utility, debt collection, publicly traded, and employee benefit industries. During this time, he also served as PrimeCare Medical’s external independent accountant before being welcomed as its CFO in 2017.

Matt manages the financial health and performance of PrimeCare Medical by overseeing all aspects of the finance, payroll, and claims processing departments while guiding the company towards its financial goals. He is a Certified Public Account licensed in Pennsylvania.

“Balancing fiscal responsibility with the pursuit of quality correctional health care is the cornerstone of our company’s financial strategy. Efficient management of resources allows investment into our patients. This not only transforms lives, but also strengthens our communities in the long run.” – Matt Angelo, CFO.

Exceptional leadership in correctional health care is crucial and plays a pivotal role within confined and under challenging conditions. It ensures proper coordination among health care professionals, promotes a safe and secure environment for staff and inmates, and facilitates efficient delivery of medical and behavioral health services.

Effective leadership contributes to the establishment of protocols that address the specific health needs and risks associated with incarceration, such as infectious diseases, mental health issues, and substance abuse. It understands the balance between security concerns and provision of medical services, fostering an environment that prioritizes patient health while upholding safety and security.

Ethical considerations are paramount in correctional health care. Strong leaders set and reinforce ethical standards for their teams. They ensure that health care professionals adhere to principles of confidentiality, patient autonomy, and equitable access to medical care, even within the confines of a correctional facility.

PrimeCare Medical’s executive leadership is visionary, implementing bold solutions and leveraging innovative technologies, guiding your organization toward success. By promoting a culture of excellence, we contribute to the rehabilitation and well-being of inmates, reducing the risk of recidivism and enhancing public health outcomes.