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Consulting Services & Risk Management

Kate Peters, Esq

General Counsel

Minimizing Risk Through Superior Care

PrimeCare Medical provides qualified medical professionals that are trained and experienced in correctional health care, and who are further supported by equally qualified mid-level practitioners. These professionals oversee all aspects of our correctional health care contracts.

General – Backed by a company at the forefront of correctional health care research, PrimeCare Medical can provide a thorough evaluation of your medical and behavioral health systems with a focus on the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC) standards while ensuring evidence-based best practices are being utilized. Our team will collaborate closely with your staff, offering optimal solutions to any identified issues. Moreover, we will establish a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program designed to support long-term compliance.

Legal – The legal complexities of correctional medical and behavioral health can be overwhelming to navigate. PrimeCare Medical offers valuable assistance through our in-house legal team, capable of providing a wide range of services including assessments of policies and procedures known to spark litigation.

Risk Management & Complex Case Review – A corporate risk management team comprised of our legal staff, CQI committee, and medical audit committee ensures compliance with NCCHC standards. PrimeCare Medical is guided by the philosophy that the best risk management tool is provision of superior care to patients.

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