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Brent Bavington

Brent Bavington


Brent is the President of PrimeCare Medical, Inc. He has been with the company since 2002 and was named President in 2019. Under Brent’s leadership, PrimeCare Medical continues to be at the forefront of technology that enables the provision of high quality and efficient health care. Operational and technological efficiencies spearheaded by him, such as the implementation of electronic health records, utilization of real time reporting and maximization of online tools, set PrimeCare Medical apart in the correctional health care industry.  Brent continues to advance the corporation by increasing the use of telemedicine and implementing new programs that optimize overall patient care.

Having seen the positive impact PrimerCare Medical brings to correctional health care, Brent is responsible for the creation and development of a revolutionary services and solutions driven entity based on the same principles and core values. He realized his vision of effortlessly expanding into diverse markets with PCM Lite’s flexible and scalable model.

Brent believes strong and effective communication is key to success in everything we do, from patient care to the relationships we value the most: our health care teams and facility administration. He continues to direct and grow the corporation with a “hands-on” operational and administrative oversight.

“The changing landscape of correctional health care requires bold solutions. Things have changed significantly since I started in 2002. At that time, telemedicine was rare and electronic health records nonexistent. Today, there is a focus on behavioral health, substance use treatment, and re-entry planning. Policies and procedures are now defined by health care standards. We welcome the next big challenge of addressing health disparities among incarcerated populations and establishing health equity. Innovation thrives on bold solutions, propelling us beyond the constraints of convention and inspiring the transformation of challenges into opportunities.” – Brent Bavington, President.