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Matt Angelo

Matt Angelo

Chief Financial Officer

Matt is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for PrimeCare Medical. Prior experience includes eleven years with a nationally certified public accounting firm while working with clients in the insurance, public utility, debt collection, publicly traded, and employee benefit industries. During this time, he also served as PrimeCare Medical’s external independent accountant before being welcomed as its CFO in 2017.

Matt manages the financial health and performance of PrimeCare Medical by overseeing all aspects of the finance, payroll, and claims processing departments while guiding the company towards its financial goals. He is a Certified Public Account licensed in Pennsylvania.

“Balancing fiscal responsibility with the pursuit of quality correctional health care is the cornerstone of our company’s financial strategy. Efficient management of resources allows investment into our patients. This not only transforms lives, but also strengthens our communities in the long run.” – Matt Angelo, CFO.