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Pamela Rollings-Mazza

Dr. Pamela Rollings-Mazza

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Rollings is Chief Medical Officer for PrimeCare Medical and has been with the company since January 2008.  She is credentialed as both an MD and RN, and this multifaceted perspective provides her unique insight into both medical and nursing disciplines. Dr. Rollings is certified with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a member of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Task Force.

Dr. Rollings oversees administrative duties to improve the efficacy of our health care delivery model. She assists with policy development and training to ensure PrimeCare Medical remains at the forefront of meeting our patients’ health care needs and oversees the consistent application of the company’s procedures.  She is a forward thinker.  In 2022, after noticing an increase of suicide in corrections, she put together a Suicide Prevention Task Force to analyze this trend and provide interventions to prevent the unnecessary loss of life. Having coauthored numerous magazine and peer-reviewed journal articles, Dr. Rollings makes significant contributions to the knowledge base.

“Research is essential for advancing human knowledge, solving complex problems, and driving innovation. It enables us to uncover new insights, develop evidence-based solutions, and make informed decisions on health care that results in increased positive patient outcomes.” – Dr. Pamela Rollings-Mazza, CMO.